Lessons from Barnabas, the “Son of Encouragement”

1. Give freely of my plenty (time, money, food, possessions, etc.) to those who need it (church, poor, sick, widows, and orphans). Acts 4:37

2. Give a new convert a chance to prove his faith, even if the history of his former life makes me doubtful. Defend him before other Christians until he gives us cause to not believe his faith is genuine. Acts 9:26-27

3. Rejoice in the Gospel, its spread across the world, and the conversion of new believers. Acts 11: 22-24

4. Encourage others to keep growing in their faith. Acts 11: 23

5. Be a “good” person – the righteous, pure, devoted, loving Christian who God wants me to be. Acts 11:24

6. Submit to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction for my life. Acts 11: 24

7. Be driven by the passionate flame of the Holy Spirit within me. Acts 11: 24

8. Rooted in a solid faith in Christ. Acts 11: 24

9. Maintain and grow a personal relationship with Christ. Acts 11:24

10. Dedicate myself to the specific work(s) which God has designated for me to accomplish. Acts 13: 2

11. Encourage others to fully rely on God. Acts 13: 43

12. Be emboldened by the power of the Holy Spirit. Acts 13: 46

13. Display authentic passion for Christ, the Gospel, and the truth. Acts 14: 14-15

14. Direct people’s attention to God, rather than to myself. Acts 14: 14-15

15. Forgive others and grant them a second chance. Acts 15: 36-40

16. Realize that I’m not perfect. Galatians 2: 11-13

17. Recognize hypocrisy in my life. Galatians 2: 11-13