It’s Spring!!!!

Okay, so this isn’t my usual blog post, but I don’t have anything especially noteworthy to share, and I’m too excited about spring to not talk about it! So – here you go: my top reasons for why I’m so excited about spring being here!

  1. The sun is shining and it’s actually getting warm outside.
  2. Since the sun rises earlier, I’ll soon be waking up with it, rather than before it.
  3. The green grass is starting to shoot up, along with flowers and weeds, of course.
  4. I hear the birds singing outside my dorm window every morning, and I’m pretty sure some of them are sandhill cranes.
  5. I can go running without dressing in four layers of clothes.
  6. If I don’t wear a sweatshirt, I won’t freeze.
  7. I don’t have to be so worried about driving home.
  8. I’ll see herds of calves (and maybe lambs) when I drive home.
  9. School will be over in a month and half.
  10. I’ll be able to work outside as soon as I get home.
  11. I’ll be able to ride my horse when I get home, and I can ride my friends’ horses here.
  12. All the critters are slicking out and growing shiny, soft coats.
  13. Our goats will be kidding soon; that means I’ll be cuddling little bundles of legs and ears every single day over break and during this summer.
  14. More hours of the day can be spent outside.
  15. Easter is only a few weeks away.
  16. The new life and warmth fill me with hope and joy.
  17. Spring always reminds of the new life we have in Christ, and how everyday with Him is a “spring” day for us to grow in our faith.

Isaiah 42:5-9

 Thus says God the Lord,

Who created the heavens and stretched them out,

Who spread forth the earth and that which comes from it,

Who gives breath to the people on it,

And spirit to those who walk on it:

“I, the Lord, have called You [Jesus] in righteousness,

And will hold Your hand;

I will keep You and give You as a covenant to the people,

As a light to the Gentiles,

To open blind eyes,

To bring out prisoners from the prison,

Those who sit in darkness from the prison house.

I am the Lord, that is My name;

And My glory I will not give to another,

Nor My praise to carved images.

Behold, the former things have come to pass,

And new things I declare;

Before they spring forth I tell you of them.”


One thought on “It’s Spring!!!!

  1. BigSkyKen says:

    If I could, I’d click “Like” numerous times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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